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Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Tower NOT London Bridge

Went to the Barbican library, which I will go into further in another post. It was very nice, they had a music library section with a CD collection that looked a bit like a Borders.

then I walked from Barbican to the Tower of London, passing through a little alley at one point where I bought a sandwich at a shop in the alley...and I passed the site of the London stock exchange from th 13th century to the beginning of the 18th, you'd only know because of a small plaque on one of the buildings, probably not going to be on any tour...

spent around three hours a the tower of london, yes I saw the crown jewels. yes I went on the beefeater tour. I even saw a lady beefeater. yes I saw all the armory in the white tower. I also walked on what I can only describe as an archers wall that makes up the perimeter of the wall. What is interesting about the tower of london for me is that you can see the history of england within the actual architecture. The white tower was initially built by William 'the conquerer' after the battle of hastings and all subsequent additions were designed to protect it. Apparently the moat surrounding the castle held all of london's waste and refuge for centuries? gross. and I officially learned that the Tower bridge is the big fancy bridge circa Brooklyn Bridge and not the london bridge which is basically just some bridge. I also walked half way across the Tower bridge which was pretty cool, i'd still like to see it lit up at night.

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  1. haha- it's true..everyone thinks the tower bridge IS the London Bridge...and it's not falling down (neither one)