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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Scotland Libraries - Part One

I am indeed no longer in the nation of Scotland, but back in London. While a part of the country we know as the United Kingdom Scotland from what I saw in four days is distinctly its own nation. Our first visit was to the Scottish National Library where we walked through their various exhibits on Scottish history including an extensive one of that famous Scottish pastime golf. The Scottish landscape is ideal for the game of golf with its vast open spaces.

Then it was on to the Edinburgh Central Library right across the street from the Scottish National Archives. The Edinburgh Central Library is the public lending library for the city of Edinburgh, unlike the Scottish National Library which is a copyright library. The Central Library was funded by Andrew Carnegie and houses both a music library section and a large reading room. The library has branched out to other spaces surrounding the original library in order to accomodate its own growth.

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  1. Hey Trev,
    You must be having a blast. It hot as hades here, high 80s and 90s; hope you don't have the same weather.

    Sailing on Casco Bay and island hopping has kept us cool on the weekends.

    Guess your getting near the end. Can't wait to see your pictures and hear your stories. See you then.