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Monday, 5 July 2010

St. Paul's Cathedral

July 5, 2010
Greetings ! This blog chronicles my trip to the UK as part of a summer program at the University of Southern Mississippi as part of my graduate work in Library and Information Studies. So to jump right into things today we toured St. Paul's Cathedral and the library, which is usually off limits to visitors. The cathedral itself is magnificent with many memorials to famous British figures, including the Duke of Wellington, as well as a memorial for the US military during the Second World War.
The library itself was very interesting, including a large model of what the original design for the St. Paul's cathedral was going to be. This original model resembles very much the design of the Vatican, so it is no surprise that this was not adopted by the very protestant Anglican church when it came time for construction. We also learned from one of the librarians that the use of OCLC is limited for cataloging purposes because the books are so old most of the information derived from a bibliography can only be part of the final information cataloged at the library.

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  1. Love St. Paul's- especially when you go way way up, and see into the ceiling where a WWII bomb fire had to be put out...there are also comfy folding chairs for tired tourists to look up at the ceiling...